Shades of Red Paint Colors for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room Walls & More in Wainscott, NY

Red is commonly shied away from when people paint the interior of their homes. It has a lot of negative psychological effects, which is why experts often recommend people not use it. But when you are attracted to red, many people would like to see its use within the home. We at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer some tips and suggestions on using red throughout your New York home.

Red Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms & More

Red is a prominent color and it often makes people stop and take in the message, but different shades of red can impact people differently. For example, when red is used in the workplace, many employees can feel a buzz of energy which promotes productivity. It is still ideal to limit the red as accent or trim color to avoid negative effects red can promote.
Red Dining Rooms: There are many arguments when it comes to using red in the dining area. Some encourage its use as picky eaters can overcome their lack of appetite. However, for those that want to control their food intake might want to avoid red. In the dining room, experts suggest using lighter shades of red.
Red Living Room Walls: Red can be hit or miss in the living space. It is typically a warm shade that can induce heated emotions. For people too sensitive to overpowering hues of red it can be a bad choice. Consider the size of the room; smaller spaces should be minimized to an accent shade and in cooler shades of deep burgundy red might be ideal.
Red Gym Color Schemes: You can lose the energizing influence of red if it is over saturated. Accented red or trim work might be the best option to inspire the energizing effects to motivate you and increase the heart rate.
Red in Boy’s & Girl’s Bedrooms: Red is definitely a risk in a child’s bedroom. Too much red can stir up the energy levels and increase levels of stress, anxiety, and even spawn nightmares. Red stripes have pointed to such feelings. If red is desired, keep it minimal and either lighter side or cooler shades.
Red Bathroom: Bathrooms are typically small and red can make it feel smaller yet. Neutral colors are recommended, and purples can be more relaxing than red.

Decorating with Red Accents

Ultimately, those who love red should still avoid using it as a primary color. Red is better used as a color for an accent or trim. Red can contrast with nearly any color and work particularly well with black, white, yellow, and subtle tones of gray. Really small rooms are better painted in brighter colors as opposed to using the suffocating shade of red. Consider a red banister against a white wall to give you an idea how red is better suited. If you are a little one love the red in the bedroom, instead of on the walls, use red for bedding, furnishings, or other such applications in a neutral room.

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