Bright Interior Home Paint Colors for Bedrooms, Living Rooms & More in Springs, NY

When it comes to painting the inside of your home in The Hamptons, New York, many folks simply do not know where to start. With current trends and a plethora of choices, selecting a color scheme can be more challenging than you think. With the different color palettes at your fingertips, there are quite a few people drawn to bright colors, but are hesitant to utilize them inside their home. Today, we at L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to offer some tips on painting with bright hues inside your New York home.

Bright Paint Colors Add Personality to a Room

Because the bright colors are hard on the eyes, painting with them presents a risk and a challenge. Most Americans in the 1800’s only painted their walls white and considering colored paint was once a luxury, only the wealthy would indulge in colors. In modern terms, where color selections are endless, people can bring any room to life with the use of bright colors. As you resist the use of safe, neutral palettes, you can use bright hues to add personality and flare to the space in an effort to reestablish a new look that you are craving. The danger however, is that strong colors can be easily misused, and they will over stimulate the senses in a negative way.

How to Incorporate Bright Paint Colors into Home Decor

The best option is to harmonize the strong colors by finding contrast with balance. An example is the use of mahogany furnishings paired with deep forest-green walls. This combination blends beautifully as well as providing a comfortable atmosphere for people. Another example is with deep red walls that do more than add color, incorporating neutral furniture emphasizes the surroundings while still controlling the brightness. You do not have to commit to painting the walls intense shades throughout the room in one color when you wish to incorporate bright colors into your home. You can paint various colors found in furniture behind a wall of bookshelves by creating a theatrical backdrop for favorite pieces.

Bright Paint Colors Can Make a Room Look Smaller

The darker the colors are, the more a room will recede, which is an important guideline, even when working with bright colors. Dark is a better color for trim or accents in a large room that will draw the walls in. In order to not overpower a room, sunshiny-bright yellow can be tricky. The bright yellow can be notched back a bit simply by using the right applications of floral prints on the upholstery, curtains, or accessories.

Test Paint Colors on Your Wall

Do not limit your perceptive to a small color chip whenever you have doubt concerning a color or colors. Paint large pieces of cardboard to prop in the room with the smallest containers of the optimal colors. To give you a better idea of how it will look be sure to pose it in different applications according to light, fixtures, windows, and other features.

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When it comes time to paint the interior of your home with bright colors, call in the experts of L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc to ensure your New York home is painted with precision and quality.

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