What Causes Damage to Drywall in Southampton, NY? Repairs for House Settling Cracks & More

Your home is a place that most people take some pride in. That is why it is important to spend time caring for your home and making repairs when needed. One of the areas of the house that will need your attention if you want it looking fresh is the paint. The walls in the house will have some wear and tear and updating the paint is a great way to have the house looking like new again. When painting the walls in your house, there are times that you will need to have the walls repaired. This is called drywall repair because of the material that is used to erect the walls. Drywall is a popular product that is a great option but it can become damaged in many ways. You want to make sure that any damage to the walls are repaired before you have your home painted. There are also times that you won’t actually need the walls painted but the drywall is in need of repair.

L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. Outlines Common Causes of Drywall Damage & Repair

Home Renovation Or Remodeling: One of the most common reasons you may end up needing to have drywall repaired is when you renovate or remodel your home. This can cause some damage to a home if you choose to move a wall or add appliances in a particular area. When this happens you may want to have your walls repaired and this can be a drywall patch all the way up to an entire sheet replaced. The renovation may also cause some gauging and damage to a wall that you are not working on but might hit with materials and tools that are being used.
Water Damage: Another that you may need to have your walls repaired is if you have had water damage. Water that has gotten in the house can be devastating and can ruin many items and belongings in your house. When the walls get saturated from a flood that can come from rain, leaks or storms, you need to have the wet pieces removed. Then the walls will need to be put back up with a fresh sheet of drywall. The wet drywall has to be removed because it can end up causing mold and mildew to grow. This can be damaging to you and your families health.
House Settling Drywall Cracks: Have you ever noticed that you can scan your walls and see where the screws are behind the paint? The screws will not be well hidden and as the house settles and everything gets into position these can protrude out. The same goes for some of the seams that are made between each piece of drywall. These all need to be patched and repaired. You also may have a problem with your foundation that might shift in some way. This can cause cracking to the drywall that will need to be repaired or replaced.
Daily Drywall Damage: Common problems that people have with their drywall happens to be from their own daily life. This can be bumping into the wall with a chair or a child that practices football in the house and knocks in the wall. Hanging pictures on the walls and other décor can cause small holes from the nails and screws that are being used.

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L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. can come out to your house and repair any damaged drywall. We can also match the paint on your walls or repaint the walls if you choose.

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