Staining Wood for Beginners in The Hamptons, NY; Cleaning Sanded Wood, Stain Types & More

When you are looking at making some changes in your house you may start to notice that your wood surfaces are not looking their best. Many people will choose to have wood fixtures and furniture such as cabinets, book cases and bed frames. This items are investments that should be cherished and that is why you want to have them refinished rather than replaced. You can make repairs to the wood and have the color and the finish changed to continue to fit your home décor. Renovating wood products is something that will take some expertise. It is best to make sure that any wood that you want to have refinished, you use a professional. If you ruin the wood it can be difficult to fix it and bring back the natural beauty. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines what goes into staining your wood surfaces.

Wood Furniture & Fixtures that Can Be Stained

There are lots of things that can be made from solid wood that you want to continue to use but may need some TLC. People have table in their kitchen that are made of wood, cabinets that are wood, bookshelves and more indoor furniture. You can also have wood rails on your stairs and even a deck outdoors. The deck is a main area that is often made from wood and should be cared for and stained and finished when necessary. If you do not care for it properly you will be stuck replacing it when you could have just refinished it. Once you have an area that you want to have refinished it is best to consult with a professional.

Preparing Wood for Stain; Clean Sanded Wood & More

If you have wood that has already been stained or it has been treated in some way it will need to be treated. The wood has to be inspected and many times taken apart so that all areas of the wood can be reached. The wood has to be sanded down so that you are down to the natural wood area. Once the wood has been sanded down you can have it cleaned so that the new color can be added.

Choose Type & Color of Wood Stain

When it comes to staining there are two main types of stain. One is a water based stain and the other is oil based stain. Which one is used depends on the professional you hire and your request. Oil based stain is the same as oil based paint and can have an odor that will linger after the project is done. The water based stain is a less odorous option and is chosen by many people. You also want to understand the wood that you have and how the color stain that you choose will react. Some wood is naturally lighter than others and when you add stain it will bring out that natural color and mix with the stain. You also want to make sure that a finish is added to protect the newly stained pieces.

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