How to Choose the Best Paint Sheen Finish in Amagansett, NY; High Gloss or Low Lustre

When you are painting your home, the office or a retail center, your concern probably isn’t just what color but what sheen you should use. The sheen creates different levels of reflection. This has an effect on the walls inside the home or building. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc will share more about the types of sheen and how they affect the paint.

What is Paint Sheen?

First it is important to known what the sheen is. The sheen is a reference to how much or how little of the light the paint reflects. The binder is an ingredient in paint that gives the paint its sheen. The less binder in the paint the less reflective the paint becomes. The higher the binder, the more reflective. There are different volumes of binder used which creates the different sheen such as gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, and eggshell. The color can also affect the sheen. The darker the color the more light is absorbed and less reflective the sheen may be.

High Gloss Sheen

High sheen paints are gloss, and semi-gloss paints. Because these higher sheen paints have higher quantity of the binder agent, they are often the easiest paint to keep clean. In addition, they don’t rub off easily. The higher the sheen the more reflective the paint is which helps to hide imperfections in the walls. The high sheen paints are more durable and are often recommended in high traffic areas like kitchens, living room and in bathrooms and basement. High sheen paints also help make small or dark rooms light up and feel naturally bright and more open.

Low Lustre Paint Sheen

Low sheen paints such as matte, satin or eggshell will absorb more light and don’t reflect the light which makes the room less bright. However, the color appears richer since the light isn’t reflecting off of the paint. For some the low gloss paint is easier on the eyes. However, since the binder volume is far less than in high sheen paint you don’t want to use them in high traffic areas. Low sheen paints are perfect for bedrooms and offices where you won’t have to worry about washing walls from dirt brought in by pets or kids. Low sheen paint can be used in small households but expect to repaint the walls within five years.

Best Paint Sheen for High & Low Traffic Areas

Often the sheen used comes down to personal preference. However, to prolong the need to repaint the walls consider using high sheen based paints. Low traffic areas where you may not want strong reflective walls, like a home or commercial office, consider using low sheen based paints. Make sure to consider the environment such as how much light is in the room, the wall or paint exposure, and what reflective surface the room will benefit from.

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