Steps to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets & Other Wood Furniture in Shinnecock Hills, NY

Do your cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen no longer fit your preferred design or the theme you wish to have? Or are your cabinets beginning to look a little old and weathered? To correct the situation, you will need to strip the old wood surface and then refinish it with your new design, color, or desired theme or look. L.W Winslow Painting, Inc. will walk you through the steps of refinishing cabinets.

What Tools Do I Need to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you begin you will want to make sure you have the tools and materials needed for the refinishing project. So, dig through your garage and gather all the tools needed. If you don’t have what need to refinish your cabinets, any hardware store will have them.  Some of the basic tools needed to refinish cabinets are:

  • Hand Tools – Scraper, Screw Driver, Hammer, Sanding block or Sand paper, Rag or Sponge
  • Protectors – Painter Tape, Newspaper or Painters cloth
  • Finishing Equipment – Paint brushes, Cabinet Rollers, or Paint sprayer (optional)
  • Materials – Paint Stripper, Stain or Paint, Primer, Sealer

How to Prepare Kitchen Cabinets for Refinishing?

After you have gotten all your tools and materials needed to refinish your cabinets, you will want to prepare the cabinet to be refinished. Start by removing all the contents out of the cabinets and drawers. Then remove all the cabinet doors and the hinges holding them on the cabinet. Make sure you remove all hardware such as the knobs and handles as well. Make sure to make a note of each cabinet door and where it came off the cabinet. You will want to try to re-hang the door in the same place to avoid the need to re-drill the holes for all the hardware. Mask of the edges of the cabinet and ceiling or wall that is still on the wall. Lastly make sure to clean the cabinets and the doors, especially kitchen cabinets. In many cases, old cabinets are covered in grease and grim. Also, don’t forget to clean off the hardware if you’re reusing them (some will choose to replace hardware to fit their new design or theme).  

Strip or Sand Kitchen Cabinets     

Now that all your preparation work is done begin applying the stripper, it can come in a spray bottle or liquid container where you will use the paint brush to apply the stripper on the wood. Start with the cabinet doors and do one at a time. After the stripper has had time to set and dissolve the old stain or paint, use the sand block or sand paper and begin sanding the door. Make sure to remove all of the previous paint or stain and that the wood is smooth. You will want to strip and sand all the doors and the cabinets. If you are planning on painting your wood then apply a primer on top on the wood before painting. If you want the stained natural wood look to your cabinet then you can apply the stain. Both paint and stain can be applied with either a brush or a cabinet roller. However, if you’re staining your cabinets, keep a rag on hand and wipe down the wood after staining for a clean finish. Depending on the type of stain, you may need to apply a sealer over the surface to help protect the wood. Warning: wear gloves when handling the stripper and sanding. The stripper can burn the skin. It’s also recommended to wear eye protection as well. 

Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

After you have refinished all the cabinets and drawers, and they are completely dry, you can reassemble them. Replace your hardware and put the hinges back on. Put the hinges on first and hang the door back on the cabinets. Afterward, put your handles on the doors. You can remove all of the masking and begin cleaning up.

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L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. hopes you enjoy your refinished cabinets and your kitchen’s or bathroom’s new look. If you find you lack the experience, time, or physical capability to refinish your cabinets, we provide cabinet refinishing services. Contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. to schedule your cabinet refinishing or painting project today.   

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