Can You Repair Dents, Holes & Other Drywall Damage in Sag Harbor, NY?

If you walk through a standard American home you are sure to find places that the drywall has been damaged. This can happen by simply knocking a chair over and it hits the wall. It can be from a child that throws his favorite toy too hard. This can also happen when you need to make some changes that may require moving a plug or a flat screen television for example. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc outlines some of the reasons that you may need drywall repairs and how this is done so you would never know there was damage to begin with!

What Causes Holes & Damage to Drywall?

There are many ways that a wall can be damaged. There is always a moment when you go to pull out a chair and it slips. If it hits the wall it can leave a dent in the wall or even a hole. One of the biggest reasons you may need to have your drywall repaired is if you have a flat screen television that has been hung up on the wall. If you ever decide to move it you will notice that the anchors or bolts have left a sizeable hole in the wall. There are also construction reasons that you would need to have drywall repaired. If you add a switch or install a light overhead for instance. The simple act of hanging photos and artwork leave holes behind when they are removed. Other areas that sometimes receive damage to the drywall is behind a rocking chair or recliner. If the chair is too close to the wall it could hit and leave a dent or hole.

Can You Repair Dents & Holes in Drywall?

The great thing about these small holes and dents is that they can be repaired. The drywall is part of the entire wall but it can be removed by small sections and can be added back in. This means that those small and unsightly areas can be fixed with not a lot of fuss.

What Does Drywall Repair Include?

A professional should be the one that does any drywall repairs that you need. They will normally come out and remove the damaged piece of drywall. The next step is to do any prep work to the surface such as sanding before adding the new piece of drywall. They will then add mud to the area that seals the new drywall to the old and sand it off after it has set. The next step is to add texture to match the wall around it so that the repair blends in. Then the last step is to paint. The best options is to use the leftover paint from the originally painting the home and if that is not available many store offer paint matching that can blend very well with the existing color.

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