Trendy Fall Paint Colors for Your Home or Business in Shelter Island, NY

When fall arrives we start to decorate for the upcoming holidays. This may inspire you to change the way a room in your house looks by adding a coat of fresh paint. So what are the colors that are trending this fall? Hues of pink, blue, yellow, green and purple are suited for both contemporary and antique décor and can give you the change you’re looking for.

Paint Colors to Consider for Fall

Blue can provide a spa-like feel for bathrooms or provide a serene feeling to a bedroom. It’s hard to be stressed in lots of cool and soothing blues. The color blue helps in promoting sleep and provides calmness. Crisp or dark hues will add refinement to a room and shades of aqua will add vitality to children’s rooms.

Pink is associated with romance or the idea of being joyful. Walls that are painted pink look great when paired with bright colors in fixtures, paintings, pillows and furniture. Pink can be a versatile color and will compliment living rooms and bathrooms. The black or white in furniture will be brought out with soft tones of pink and lamps of gold or white paired with a pink will give an art-deco feel.

Yellow almost always provides a happy feeling and looks even better with white door frames and crown molding. Yellow paint also gives a room depth and warmth. Pillows and rugs with geometric patterns when paired with yellow paint will add a natural vibe. Lighter yellows provide a rustic feel to a room but will still give a bright feeling to the room with the sunlight and can provide a country feel to your home.

Green provides feelings of relaxation and tones of green can remind you of nature, evoking a quiet and restorative feeling. One of the great things about adding green paint is that it pairs nicely with blue, pink and orange patterns in your decor. Any room in your home when painted a shade of green will promote the feeling of comfort.

Purple hues can be dramatic or subtle. Purple has been associated with royalty and wealth and can be used to create a feeling of luxury without a lot of effort. Purple is good at stimulating the creative part of the brain and therefore isn’t recommended for bedrooms because this is where you want to relax. Purple has a nice balance because it has equal amounts of cool blue and warm red and can be great in kitchens or sunrooms when paired with yellow providing an invigorating quality.

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The shades you use for your home can have an effect on your well-being and can have a dramatic effect on emotions, feelings and moods. Hiring L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc. for a color consultation will allow a professional to come to your home to see how the colors you want will pair with your furniture and home décor. We will be able to give you an idea of how the color will affect the feeling of the room and will be able to help you choose the right shade to give you the look you want. Contact us today!

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