Tips to Help You Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Baby’s Nursery Room in Shelter Island, NY; Match Painting to Furniture, Neutral & Soothing Color Palettes

There is nothing more exciting than the birth of your new baby. You want everything to be perfect down to the smallest details. Preparing your baby’s room for his/her arrival is one of the highlights in preparing for baby. There are so many themes and colors to choose from that sometimes it can seem overwhelming when you are looking for just the right colors. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share some tips on choosing the perfect colors for your little one’s nursery.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Baby’s Nursery Room

When choosing the right colors for your baby’s nursery, there are some considerations to be made right off the bat. You should consider the size of the room, first and foremost. If your baby’s nursery is going to be in a small room, you should consider lighter and brighter colors that will help the space feel larger. If you are dealing with a larger space, this isn’t an issue. Traditionally, when having a boy, most people used to choose blue. On the other hand, for baby girls, the choice color has been pink. Recently, more and more people are stepping outside of the traditional color box and utilizing many colors in the rainbow to make their nursery one of a kind. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, you may be looking for a neutral pallet that would fit either a baby boy or a baby girl.

Match Paint Colors to Furniture

It is much easier to choose your paint colors when you have chosen some of the furnishings for the room first. For instance, if you have chosen bedding for the crib, you can pull colors from that bedding and other furnishings to use in other areas of the room.

Think Long Term Paint Colors in Nursery

When choosing the colors for your baby’s nursery, consider colors that will grow with your child. Choosing neutral colors for the walls and adding bold colors in the furnishings can be a good way to use color. That way, as your baby grows into a child, you can easily change the accessories in the room to fit your child’s interests.

Choosing Nursery Bedroom Paint Colors with Accent Walls

Adding an accent wall can be a fun way to add a pop of color to a room painted with a neutral color pallet. Whether you are using stencils or painting with stripes, accent walls can add a certain amount of depth to the room without being too busy. An accent wall is the perfect place to be bold with your color choices.

Choose Soothing Paint Colors in Nursery

It isn’t uncommon to want your nursery to have a soothing effect on your baby. Choosing colors that have cooler tones can help your baby feel calm and relaxed. It will also help your nursery feel more spacious and roomy. There have been many studies that show colors have a great impact on your child’s behavior and well-being.

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