Tips to Prepare for Painting in Amagansett, NY; Cleaning Walls, Tape Ceiling & Trim & More

We have the best intentions when we decide to paint a room in our home. We’ve taken the time to pick just the right color and can’t wait to get started, but it can be easy to spot the paint job of an amateur. You may notice splattered paint, missed spots or mottled paint. There are steps you should take before you start to paint so you can get results like the pros.

How to Paint a Room Professionally

1. Move furniture out before painting. If you try to paint around furniture you’re bound to have an accident. Take all the furniture out of the room to be painted. This makes the job a lot easier and you won’t run the risk of spilling or splattering paint. Move it into another room rather than pushing it into the hallway to avoid any damage that may occur as you move about. If an item is too big to move out, move it to the middle of the room and cover it with plastic.
2. Protect the floor from paint spills. The last thing you need is to clean paint of your flooring. Plastic is a cheap option but tends to slide around as you walk on it and won’t protect as well as the drop cloths that the pros use. Drop cloths protect against spills and Butyl-backed cloths have the added bonus of keeping paint that accidently gets on the bottom of your shoes from getting tracked through the house.
3. Remove pictures on the wall before painting. You will save yourself some time by leaving wall hangings up while you paint, but this will work if never plan to change the wall hangings in your home! It really won’t take mush time to remove them before you paint, and you won’t have your shortcut exposed if a picture should shift. You’ll spend more time trying to maneuver around them than if you would have just taken them down.
4. Cleaning walls for painting. This is an important step. Smudges can show through paint and stains can change the way the paint looks. Cleaning the walls also ensures a smooth result just like the pros get. Clean the walls with a solution of water and dish soap, rinse and make sure they are dry before you paint.
5. Take outlet cover and switch plates off before you paint. You will get professional results when you take them off. Otherwise there will be visible brush stokes around them and paint will get on them. When you do paint, be sure not to get any paint on the sockets or switches. Remove light fixtures if you’re painting the ceiling.
6. Tape trim and molding. It would be nice if you could remove all the moldings in the room to avoid getting paint on them, but we can’t. If you want professional results, you’ll need to tape before you start painting. Just make sure you use painter’s tape. It is time consuming, but totally worth it!

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Taking these steps will give you results you’ll be proud to show off. Your friends and family will think you hired professional to do it. If you decide you don’t have the time, energy or confidence and you would rather have a professional do it, then give L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc a call!

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