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Today, L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc continues our wallpaper and wall covering glossary of terms and phrases used in the industry to give you a clearer picture of the various services we offer and specialize in. Following is Part 2. You can view Part 1 by clicking here.

Glossary of Wallpaper & Wall Covering Definitions

               Gapped Seam:  Gapped seams are a small space that appears between strips of wallpaper that are hung side by side; often the result of poorly prepared walls or excessive pressure being used during the installation process.

               Laminated Wallpaper:  Laminated wallpaper is wallpaper or border that has a decorative surface with a backing that is bonded to usually paper or fabric.

               Linear Feet:  Pertaining to the length measured by the distance between two points; used in reference to the measurement length of height of a wall, the length of a strip of wallpaper, or the length of a piece of border.

               Liner Paper:  A thick, vinyl wall covering that is installed under the decorative wall covering.            

Matching:  The technique of joining two strips of wallpaper to ensure partial designs or a sequence of designs will line up properly.

               Matte Finish:  A matte finish, sometimes referred to as a dull finish, is a finish on the wallpaper or border that has very little to know shine or reflective qualities.

               Murals:  A single picture or scene with no repeats. Murals often or specifically packaged in panels that when installed properly, they form a scene.

               Opened Seams:  Seams between two installed strips of wallpaper that have separated causing wall exposure. Often occurs when:

               – Poor wall preparation

               – Wallpaper that has been overworked during the installation process.

               Peelable Removable:  Wallpaper or border of which the front and middle layers can be stripped away, exposing the backing material to make removal easier.

               Pigmented Primer/Sealer:  A primer or sealer that dries white instead of clear is a pigmented primer or sealer and is designed to help block out discolorations or spots on the wall.

               Pre-Pasted:  Wallpaper or border that is pretreated with an adhesive sprayed or coated on the backing. This adhesive is water-soluble which is activated by soaking the wallpaper or border in a water tray or bathtub as installation is performed.       

               Primer/Sealer:  Primer/sealers absorb into a porous wall surface and are typically alkyd or acrylic-based liquid that is applied to the wall prior to wallpaper installation.

               Railroading:  The technique of hanging wallpaper horizontally instead of vertically, which is often done above windows and doors. 

               Scoring Walls:  Scoring walls is a technique used for wallpaper removal by sanding, scraping or etching the vinyl surface of a wallpaper or border. Scoring allows the removal solution to reach the paper backing of the wallpaper or border and dissolve the adhesive.

               Single Roll:  American single roll is 27 inches wide and 4 1/2 yards long, covering approximately 27-30 square feet of area.

               Sizing:  Prior to wallpaper installation, sizing is a liquid mixture that is applied to the wall to.

               Solid-Sheet Vinyl:  A type of wallpaper or border that has a paper or fabric backing laminated to a solid vinyl facing.

               Strippable Wallpaper:   Strippable wallpapers remove both the cover and backing at the same time making it easily removed without damaging the wall.

               Un-pasted Wallpaper:  Wallpaper or border that has not been pre-pasted at the mill prior to packaging. 

               Untrimmed Wallpaper:  Wallpaper in which the selvage edges have not been removed at the mill prior to packaging.

               Usable Yield:  The quantity of wallpaper that is actually installed on the wall; not including the waste due to pattern match or allowances.

               Wainscoting:  Paneling or woodwork that covers the area from the baseboard to the chair rail, usually about 1/3 of the entire wall height.

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