Wallpaper & Wall Covering Glossary in Westhampton, NY

L. W. Winslow Painting, Inc. goes the extra mile with customer service for our commercial and residential customers by including online assistance of painting and related services.  With our wallpaper and wall covering glossary of terms and phrases used in the industry, you can have a clearer of the various procedures and services we offer. Following is Part 1 of wallpaper and wallcovering terms and their meanings.

Definition of Wallpaper & Wall Covering Terms

                American Single Roll:   A single roll of wallpaper that measures 27″ inches wide and 4 1/2 yards long.

                Blister: Forming behind the wallpaper during installation, a blister is a small air pocket or bubble.   Blisters can occur because of the following:

  • The paper expanding on the wall after installation because of inadequate soaking or booking time.
  • Temperatures that are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit during installation
  • During installation any air that has become trapped between the wallpaper or border and the wall.
  • Installation of wallpaper on a very porous wall that has not been properly
  • Aeration of the adhesive paste.

                Bolt:  Equivalent to two or more single rolls packaged together a bolt is a continuous roll of wallpaper. 

                Booking:  Also referred to as the relaxing period, is the process of folding void of any creasing, a recently pasted or wetted strip of wallpaper or border, with pasted sides together. This process prevents the paper from expanding on the wall, creating blisters or air bubbles and allows the paste to soak into the wallpaper backing.

                Cellulose Paste:  Cellulose paste is a non-staining and odorless adhesive, which is typically used hanging natural materials such as grasscloths, linens, silks, stringcloths, and especially murals.

                Clay-based Adhesive:  Clay-based adhesive; heavy solids of a starch origin that enhance its adherence ability and is generally used for heavier papers.   It will have the potential and likelihood to stain and can cause the ink to flake from many types of wallpaper and border.

                Cross Seaming:  A technique where a wallpaper liner is installed horizontally and the decorative wallpaper is installed vertically. The results are more secure adhesion and ensure that the seams do not fall in the same.

                Dado:  The area of a wall from the baseboard to the chair rail; traditionally equal to 1/3 the height of the wall.

                De-lamination:  Often caused by excessive soaking or booking times, this condition occurs when the backing of the wallpaper or border begins to separate from the vinyl facing.  

                Directional Print:  A pattern on wallpaper or border that requires a specific installation and direction in order to be aesthetically pleasing.

                Double-Cutting:  A technique to obtain perfectly fitted seams; done by overlapping one strip of wallpaper over the other until all patterns are perfectly matched. Afterwards, a sharp blade is used to cut through both layers and the excess edges are removed.

                Double Roll:  A continuous roll of wallpaper equivalent to two single rolls.  The double rolls are packaged this way to give you more usable wallpaper with less waste during installation.

                Drop-match:  Also referred to as half -drop match, it is a pattern match in which every other strips of wallpaper that is installed; having the same pattern design at the ceiling line. This forms a diagonal pattern sequence as opposed to a horizontal pattern.

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L.W. Winslow Painting Inc. hopes we helped you in understanding what these terms mean. Next week we will post part 2 to complete our wallpaper and wall covering glossary.

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