What Causes Paint to Bubble on the Exterior of My Montauk, NY House & How to Stop It!

When it is time to repaint the outside of your home, you are committing to a major investment. Repainting the exterior of your home easily cost thousands of dollars, and the last thing you will want is a painting disaster. When painting the outside of the home, there is a lot that can go wrong. One common issue is that the paint will bubble, which leaves the home unprotected and the paint job looking terrible. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc would like to share why exterior paint will bubble and how you can prevent this common problem.

Why is My Exterior Paint Bubbling?

There are many reasons why paint will bubble. The most common reason happens when there is both heat and moisture, which causes the paint to lift and create bubbles. When the paint bubbles, basically the paint is not bonding to the exterior surface of the home. Another reason why paint may bubble is when there is residue on the outside of the home, such as dirt. Mold and mildew is another common residue that will prevent the paint from bonding to the surface of the home. If the walls are too damp or if there is air in the paint, this will also cause the paint to bubble and not adhere to the walls. Additionally, it is important that the exterior of the home be primed properly or that the paint has a quality primer premixed to ensure no bubbling and a quality paint job.

How Can I Stop Bubbling Paint?

To prevent the paint from bubbling and not binding to the exterior surfaces of your home, you will first want to pick a good day to paint. Avoid supper hot, humid, or rainy days to paint the home. Poor weather will have a major effect on the outcome of the painting project, especially when you are painting outside. Next, the exterior surface of the home that is being painted needs to be cleaned off. Often a professional exterior painting service will pressure clean the outside of the home first and wait for the walls to dry. After the outside of the home has been cleaned, it is recommended that the outside of the home be primed before painting, or make sure that you use a quality exterior paint with a primer base. If you are not going to prime the wall separately and use a combo paint and primer, make sure that you use the same kind of paint that the previous layer had. You must match a latex or oil paint with each other. A latex paint will not adhere to an oil based paint. If you do not know what type of paint was previously used, it is recommended that you use a primer on the outside of the home before painting it.

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If you find you need help taking the proper steps in your painting project, it is highly recommended to seek out a professional painting service. We will ensure we take all of the right steps for a quality paint job with no bubbling. For interior as well as exterior painting services and more, contact L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc today.


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