Why is the Paint Cracking & Peeling Off the Outside of My North Haven, NY House?

There is a lot of abuse we expect our houses to withstand when you think of the elements they face. It’s no wonder that we have to fix issues on the exterior of our homes every so often. Your house’s first line of defense against those elements is your exterior paint. While the paint on the outside of your home is extremely durable, it isn’t bulletproof. There are still some issues that can arise. L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc is here to talk about some of the more common problems that can happen with exterior paint and what you need to do to avoid them.

Why is the Paint Peeling Off the Outside of My House?

No one wants to see that paint peeling off the outside of their home. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that is uncommon. There are a few reasons you may be experiencing it.

  • Causes: The most common cause of peeling paint is old paint that didn’t get scraped off before new paint was applied is now causing peeling problems. This is why prepping a surface is so important before you paint. Another cause for peeling is moisture. If water somehow gets behind paint, it will cause it to peel. Lastly, if paint was applied without using a primer, it can experience peeling.
  • Fixes: To avoid this problem and fix it you will need to sand and scrape off any paint that is peeling. If moisture is the problem, allowing it to sufficiently dry after scraping is going to be necessary. Always use a primer when you are painting the outside of your home and you should be able to avoid this problem as well.

How Do You Fix Exterior Paint Blisters?

Another common problem that we see with exterior paint is blistering or bubbling. It is certainly something that homeowners want to avoid.

  • Causes: There are a couple of causes for blistering paint. The first is excessive heat. This is usually a problem with paint that has just been applied. If it is too hot, you will find that the paint bubbles rather than cures evenly. If there is a lot of moisture, it can also cause blistering. In high humidity areas, this tends to be a problem.
  • Fixes: Make sure that the weather is cooperating before you have any exterior paint applied. Don’t apply paint if the temperature is too high. Also, make sure there is no excessive moisture in the forecast before you have your home painted.

How Do You Repair Alligator Cracks in Paint?

If the paint on your home looks like alligator skin, you have a problem as well. This is caused by oil based paint. While it isn’t commonly used today, there are many older homes with oil based paint on them. Removing it and using a water-based paint is the only way to fix this problem.

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