What Do the Room Wall Colors of Your Home Say About You in Amagansett, NY?

Have you ever wondered what the color of the walls in your home say about you? Most home owners rarely think about this, but dwell more on the fact that the color they chose goes well with their furniture or the rest of the décor they have throughout the home. The truth is that the color of paint on your walls and throughout your home says a great deal about you and your personality. If you are getting ready to change the look of your home by adding new paint or changing the color of a room entirely, consider the meaning of certain colors and how they make people feel while inside of your home. L. W. Winslow Painting, Inc. outlines some important considerations below.

How Do Blue Walls Make You Feel?

It is a fact that color affects the mood we are in and also reflects our personality. What are the walls in your home saying about your personality? Do you have any walls in your home that are blue? If so, consider this; blue represents tranquility, calmness and security. If you are drawn to the color blue, you probably view your home as an oasis and a refuge from the crazy world that sits outside your front door. People who like the color blue over others typically have a soft, soothing and compassionate demeanor. Blue also expresses a note of self confidence, and a longing to be admired for a steady character and a great deal of wisdom.  Blues have the ability to fit in almost any room of the house, from kitchen to bathroom to living room, if you like blue, your home will be a place of tranquility.

What Energy Does Orange & Red Symbolize?

If your home is full of colors like burnt orange, reds and other warm colors, then your personality probably radiates energy, vitality and enthusiasm. Home owners who have these colors spread throughout their home normally tend to be exceptionally friendly, nurturing and most welcoming to guests. These colors say that you enjoy having people over and love playing host and are most likely a social butterfly amongst your peers.

What Does a Green Room Say About You?

If you have green walls within your home, then you are most likely an extremely practical thinker. Shades of green throughout the home symbolize renewal and harmony along with peaceful balance. After a busy day at work, people who have green walls within their homes tend to relax by reading or doing yoga.

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