What Order Should I Paint My Home Interior in Amagansett, NY?

Few people tackle painting the entire house in relatively one time frame.  More often than not, when someone takes on this kind of responsibility, they are either trying to get the home painted to ready it for sale, or because they just bought a home and they want it more to their liking.   Whether you are of the many, or included in the few, painting the interior of your home should be mapped out in a methodical application to avoid chaos and to make the overall process easier.  Consider prioritizing the order of the rooms first while making the preparation arrangements. With that in mind, we at L. W. Winslow Painting, Inc. would like to suggest the most effective order to painting the different rooms in your home. 

How Do You Prioritize Rooms for Interior Painting?

               1) Bathrooms: The bathrooms are generally the smaller of the rooms in the home.  Tackling these rooms first will allow you to keep the rest of the house free from the paint fumes while still seeing the progress commence.  Allowing yourself frequent breaks to avoid too much exposure to the fumes will help you find relief if the rest of the house isn’t freshly painted just yet.

               2) Bedrooms:  The bedrooms should be next.  It will contain the mess into the isolated sections of the house to keep the other rooms feeling comfortable and homey.  The bedroom doors can be closed off to minimize the smells of paint in the rest of the house, while still giving you a larger space to escape the fumes f they ever get too intense.

               3) Kitchen / Dining Room: The kitchen is the next priority.  Being the heart of many homes in the larger living space, the kitchen is where many family events are hosted; from family meals, to school projects, to good conversation.  Ensuring this room is exclusively tackled next will help prevent perishables from going bad because you are trying too hard to spread yourself out in the rest of the home, and having it complete can put a lot of the daily routine back in your life as the home interior painting project continues. 

               4) Living Room / Play Room:   One of the largest rooms of the house, getting this room in order will probably take you the longest to complete.  Moving as much of the furniture out as possible and the remaining piled in the center and well protected will have this room in a bit of a disheveled state, but with the kitchen and dining room completed, you will have a place to move your furnishings, while still have a resemblance of an organized retreat.  After you have finished, putting the living and/or play room back together can give the opportunity to rearrange the setup and enjoy a freshly painted room.  

               5) Laundry Room / Mud Room: The laundry room is often the most used area, especially in large families where the washer and dryer are on daily.  Doing this room last will allow you to keep the laundry routine going and by the time you get to this room, you will have a rhythm and more practice to knock it out quickly to get the laundry back in rotation. 

               Additional Tips:  Open the windows and doors if the weather permits, utilize exhaust fans, and ceiling/portable fans to keep the fumes to a minimum. Create a station in each room as you go where all your tools, equipment and paint is in location to help you find what you need and when you need it.  It will also help you contain the mess.

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