Why Do We Paint Our Homes? Importance of Painting Your Westhampton, NY House Exterior

Are you thinking about painting your house this spring? Spring is the time of year when homeowners are sprucing up their homes, making spring a great time of year to add a fresh coat of paint too. Lump the job in with the rest of the spring cleaning to get it out of the way and have less work later!

Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your House in the Spring

1. Stressed out paint. As time marches on the paint on the exterior of your home wears out. Temperature changes and fluctuations in humidity that happen with season changes can impact paint. Exterior paint is formulated to withstand these changes, but it will still need to be repainted from time to time to protect your home from the weather. Paint gets soft when exposed to moisture in the form of rain, snow and high humidity. When paint gets soft, it starts to swell. This will lead to pealing and flaking. Paint also becomes stressed when humidity levels fluctuate and leads to cracking. When you start to notice peeling, flaking and/or cracking, it’s time to repaint.
2. Stop major home repairs. Homeowners overlook little things that might be going on with exterior paint. When you decide to repaint your home, you’ll have a chance to check for repairs that need to be taken care of. Prep work allows you to spot repairs before they become larger and more expensive problems. Properly painted wood also prevents rot. Rot occurs where paint is peeling, flaking or cracking because it’s an opening for moisture. A new coat of paint can help with pest prevention too. For example, carpenter ants like to burrow into wood that isn’t treated, and painted wood is protected wood.
3. Increased curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint is also beneficial if you’re looking to sell your home. Freshly painted homes just look better and will have buyers taking a second look. If your home looks newer, then it also looks like it’s been taken care of. Many buyers will assume that the rest of the home has been taken care of too and will have minimal maintenance issues.
4. Provide a new look. If you want to update the look of your home, then repainting it is a great option and a new color can also make your home stand out. Painting the exterior of your home will also cost you less than other renovations you can do.

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Just like anything else, exterior paint has an expiration date and the type of paint you use will determine what that expiration date is. Better paint means less time between exterior paint jobs. Latex exterior paints provide the most durable, toughest and most protective finish for your home, if it’s applied in weather that isn’t too cold or too hot. That means spring is the best time to do it. Another consideration is the way the paint is applied. This is where L.W. Winslow Painting, Inc comes in. Contact one of our experts to schedule a springtime home exterior painting job.

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